The gist of my message: discover the delicious Meat & Potatoes Diet with a FREE 25-PAGE PREVIEW for PCs. On page 9, my personal testimony about losing vanity and self-esteem (I got fat). In addition to 20% weight loss, Page 11 reveals the big bonus – DNA evidence showing a 20-year increase in life expectancy. Lastly, explore page 24, focusing on “MEAT & DAIRY: the “anchor of the diet.” Lose weight, joint pain, & age itself. Regain your vanity: click “Look inside” below, Link is for PC, not cell.

“Miami Mike” (Author)

I am a self-proclaimed health nerd with a powerful testimony: 20% loss of body weight while gaining 20 years life expectancy as evidenced by DNA. I struggled with weight issues for most of my life; although especially fond of the Atkins and Keto diets, I found that they were not sustainable. In 2010, I stumbled upon 3 revelations that still feel like “Manna from Heaven” – no restrictions of any particular food or drink, as long as they are properly prepared & sourced.

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About the book:

Health & Diet have a new twist with a happy ending: Miami Mike’s personal testimony gathered over a 10-year period (2010-2020). A delicious “meat and potatoes” plan leads to a 60-pound permanent weight loss and increased life expectancy of 20 years! A radically different diet that actually works – no more of the highly processed foods that the establishment endorses. No more of the fruits and vegetables and “juicing” that the dietitians and nutritionists all seem to concur that’s good for us. Who says a meat and potatoes diet can’t be healthy? Let’s get real – as in real food – meat & potatoes – real stuff that sticks to the gut. This diet is “doable” because it’s sustainable (we don’t go hungry) AND evolutionary history proves the importance of eating meat: how we evolved into the elite of the animal kingdom – Homo Sapiens – literally meaning “wise man”.