Meet the Author

Miami Mike is my pen name and I am a self-described, self-taught “health nerd”.  Like so many of us, for most of my life I struggled with excess weight.  That struggle motivated me to extensive studies of human health and well-being, and most particular, to what we eat—in a word, diet.  To most of us “diet” means to do without.  Here’s the main question, “Who wants to “do without?”  The God Food Diet is the answer! 

In the past, I was especially fond of the Atkins and Keto diets, but I found that they were neither sustainable, nor enjoyable.  My own studies eventually showed me “The Light”, my own revelation if you will.  That revelation still feels like “Manna from Heaven”.  Quite simply, (and easy!), with The God Food Diet, there are no restrictions of any particular food or drink, as long as they are properly sourced and prepared.  That’s right.  No restrictions!

  Born Michael Karl Schuler in Miami, Florida, I am college-educated, fervently inspired, and now ready to share my personal testimony and the “good news” of The God Food Diet.  Losing 20% of my bodyweight while gaining 20 years life expectancy (DNA proved) is great news that’s worth sharing!