Anonymous: Very organized and well thought out. Mike’s book gets straight to the point about food, nutrition, and well-being. Easy to understand and apply to everyday living. Small changes make a big difference!

Brandi: I like that Mike gives real info about exactly what brands he buys…this helps! Thanks for sharing your passion for a healthy lifestyle with lots of benefits, like weight loss and increased energy.

Dave O’Donnell: Interesting book about eating nutritious whole foods. Six months in and my energy level is off the chart. Buying organic food is more expensive but well worth the price for the results.

Johnny T: Mike, those first few pages hooked me immediately. Couldn’t wait to have the book in my hands so bought it just now. … and I’ll be sure to share the info!

Chris Sable: Hi Mike. So glad to read the good news about your book. I have changed and improved our diet significantly. My family keeps telling people why they feel good – because of the God
Food Diet.

Misti Santerre: You really explain how simple it is to completely change your health and wellness. We can all improve so much and redesign our body by following your guide.
I highly recommend The God Food Diet.

Jennifer Kelley: Love the crock-pot recipes! I’m going to make the chicken with cream of mushroom this week.

Bridgette Taccolini: Great videos on breakfast! Thanks for sharing this info. Looking forward to learning more!

Kelly Schuler: Great fast and knowledgeable food reads! I have been following the tips on healthy and organic eating and feel great!